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Are Social Media Apps Bad for you? Here’s Why It’s Not

People always consider social network platforms as a monster. They’re all criticizing how it’s making everyone distracted and that it brings more disadvantages than advantages. Aside from that, here are the other disadvantages of social media that people kept pointing out.

What People Assumed Social Media Is

  • It promotes fake news.
  • It’s making people distracted.
  • It creates a distorted reality.
  • These platforms can make you sick.
  • It ruins relationships.
  • It violates your privacy.

Listed above are a few things people assume about using these types of apps. Overall, they keep saying that society is in shambles– and it’s all because of the rise of social media apps.

The great irony on this is most of the people criticizing social media are the heavy-users of the said apps, sharing selfies per hour.

Here’s the thing: everything is good in moderation. Social media wasn’t built to spread hatred or distraction. If people only know how to use social media healthily, these are the benefits you can get from it:

Benefits of Social Media

Faster Connection with Anyone across the Globe

In just a few clicks, you can meet someone abroad. Cool right? Aside from the speed, people are saving up a lot of money on these social apps. Before, you can voice call someone by paying a lot of money for a prepaid load. Now, you only need your social messenger and a decent wifi connection.

Equal Chances for Companies to Market their Product

Digital marketing is making equal chances for companies to market their products. It’s no longer all about the money. It’s all about being creative and who’s the fastest to keep up with the trends. Social media also created new jobs as digital marketers were getting more in-demand.

Real-time and More Transparent News Updates

Before, only TVs and newspapers are what people rely on to get news. Now, different social media platforms provide real-time news articles and posts. There’s also more transparency now since social networking users can share their actual insights on certain news articles. Online news platforms will get called out if their articles are “biased” and if they are sharing fake details.

Voice for the Masses

Social network channels become a platform for people to share their insights about current events. With this, people do form alliances and campaigns to share their stand on certain issues. A lot of people were also helped, thanks to crowdfunding campaigns done on social media platforms.

Again, social networking apps can be a good thing for everyone. Video calling, photo sharing, group chat– you can do these things in just a few clicks. What people should have in mind is how to have a perfect balance with the virtual and actual reality.

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