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5 Tricks to Get Thousands of Followers on Social Media Apps

In today’s social media world, clout is everything.

For those who are not familiar with the term, “clout” means online popularity. Clout is a high amount of likes, follows, and shares. Clout is the not-so-official social media currency.

The more clout you have, the more brand deals (aka money) you can have.

Popular social media influencers have tons of messages on their messenger— PR Deals, free event invites, sponsorships. They get tons of perks and opportunities from various companies.

This is why people are doing a lot nowadays just to get that sweet online attention. Some are even willing to risk their lives just to get more followers.

But don’t worry because we’re not going on that level. The tips and tricks that we have here are just the simplest yet most effective ways of getting more followers.

5 Tips to Get More Social Media Followers

For those social media managers or aspiring social media influencers, here are the ways you can get more followers:

We’ll have a quick rundown here, and if you want more in-depth info, you can scroll down for more.

  1. Assess your audience.
  2. Post consistently.
  3. Create quality content.
  4. Stick with the theme/brand.
  5. Always check the trends.

#1: Assess Your Audience

Check your social media apps. Go to your existing followers. Assess the demographics of these people. Are there more male or female followers? What age group do you think most of them belong to? Country? Lifestyle? Check their content. Evaluate your existing posts too. What are your most-liked posts?

Determining your audience will be a headstart to the type of content you should be posting. You can either assess your current followers or create a target audience that you’ll market your content to.

#2: Post Consistently

People won’t follow a social network account that has such little content. With this, you have to post consistently to get your new visitors hooked to your profile/page.

#3: Create Quality

Aside from consistent posting, ensure to have quality posting too. Tweak up your photos. Grammar-check your text posts. Edit out your vlogs.

And while doing this, make sure to not over-edit. People love to follow accounts that personable and authentic. Over-edited photos and videos will probably drive them away instead so be careful when polishing your content.

#4: Stick with the Theme/Brands

Go for feed goals, especially if you’re posting on social photo sharing apps. Sticking with a certain theme will make new visitors like your account.

Brand matters too. If you’re a mom blogger, posting sleazy topics along with the child-caring tips is offputting.

#5: Always Check The Trends

Keeping up with the trends will get you more chances for followers. If there’s a fun challenge popping up, you can join the challenge. If there are current events trending on social media, you can join the discussion.

Trending topics have thousands (even millions) of viewers so use this to your advantage.

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